Usmile® V3 Version 5 in 1 PDB BEC 5V&12V LED Lighting Control Lost Plane Tracker Low Voltage Alarm LED & POWER for Mini quad FPV quad F450 F550 (2PCs)

Built-in 5 functions, small size & light weight,2oz copper & 4-layers PCB.
ESC & Battery solder tabs in pairs. BEC 5V & 12V Output LED indicators. TVS input protection
Input voltage: 9 – 26VDC, support 3S-6S lipo battery
1 Battery input & 4 ESC outputs. Regulated 5V and 12V outputs.LED power indicators (5V & 12V outputs)
4 pairs 5V LED light pads.Low voltage setting value indicators
Dimensions: 46x36x6mm, Weight: 9g.Mounting holes 30.5mm square spacing

F1. PDB (ESC outputs)
F2. BEC 5V output
Designed for RC Receivers, Flight controllers, OSD, and Servos.DC/DC synchronous buck regulator,Voltage: 5.0 +/- 0.1VDC.Continuous current: 3 Amps.Short-circuit tolerant (10 seconds/minute).5V is also on the Aux pins + & -.If other 5V BEC in use, Pls remove the red wire on Aux pins.
F2. BEC 12V output
Linear regulator, very low noise.Standard output designed to power cameras and video transmitters,etc.
If the battery is 3S LiPo, Output voltage=3S LiPo voltage – 1V. Don’t use BEC 12V to power VTX or Gimbals when 6S battery is in use.
F3. LED Light Controller
Total 4 pairs LED light pads, All the LED lights have the same status.LED light voltage should be 5V.Pls use the Aux channel with toggle switch of three positions. Middle position is OFF (Value=1400~1600). Side position is LED ON (Value=1700~2000).Three LED modes: Constant light, Slow flash(1Hz), Fast flash(3Hz)
F4. Lost Plane Finder

F5. Low Voltage Alarm Notify you once the cells reach preset voltage.
Due to character limit, we could not list the instructions all, please kindly see this web manul for detailed setting.


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